Shutters for Large Windows

Better Materials Make for Better, and Bigger, Shutters

If you’ve installed big windows to frame a stunning view, you should treat them right. O’Hair Shutters is the only shutter manufacturer with the machinery and material quality to make wood shutter panels up to 50” wide. Competitors can only make their single panels 36” wide. Experience the beauty of window coverings that actually fit your windows without having to sacrifice structural integrity or style.

O’Hair’s equipment is state-of-the-art and is continually updated and upgraded as technology progresses. No local shutter producer could afford to invest in even one of the millwork machines O’Hair uses to create the best shutters available. The superb quality of raw materials, combined with the structural stability of their product, enables O’Hair to build panels 40% wider and taller than any other shutter company, while still offering the only real lifetime warranty in the industry.

Go to these guys if you want high quality shutters. After recently purchasing a house, I was interested in outfitting my family room with plantation shutters. The windows in my house are quite large (48" wide), and it was hard to find a company who would manufacture single panel shutters to fit larger windows. I soon discovered Austin Window Fashions, and decided to visit their showroom. I was greeted by a design consultant who was pleasant to talk with and very knowledgeable. He explained to me how their shutters are constructed and why they were capable of manufacturing single panel shutters to accommodate my larger sized windows. As a person with an engineering background, I was impressed with their construction. He even gave us a tour of the manufacturing facility behind the showroom to show us how they were assembled and finished. Now when I look at shutters at other stores, I can clearly see what he was talking about. So far I haven't found anything built to the same quality as the shutters I have bought from them. 

The design consultant also scheduled an appointment to visit my house and measure my windows for me. The installers did a great job as well. The process was a breeze and the shutters look great!