Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters

Sliding glass doors are a beautiful way to add character and functionally to your home. From natural lighting and landscape views, to the ease and convenience of this high traffic area, they enhance your home. However, without the correct window treatments, you'll experience the common issues of glare, direct light, uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays and lack of privacy. Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors will provide you with all the solutions, created to meet your lifestyle and preference with a range of options: 

Adding a two-panel shutter–our most popular choice–will treat the sliding glass door like a large window. Even ugly sliding glass doors can receive a new look with plantation shutters. Beyond the style, the operation is impeccable.

Sliding Glass Door Shutter - Treating Door Like a Window

Projecting out as far as the framing (approximately 7”), a sliding track allows the plantation shutters for sliding glass doors to move easily. But, when moved, the shutters are posioned one in front of the other, (louvers closed), potentially blocking off part of your view. 

Slide-Over Track Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters

With large, open spaces, the bi-fold track is a great choice. You'll enjoy the beautiful view when opened, and when closed, you'll receive the many benefits that come with plantation shutters for sliding glass doors. 

Bi-Fold Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters