Roller and Screen Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics, including Traditional, Natural and Soft. Traditional fabrics feature a classic look, Natural fabrics showcase elements typically found in woven woods and Soft fabrics offer elegant textures. Available in a variety of lifting systems and design options.

Designer Screen Shades are an innovative combination of sheer beauty and functional technology offering visibility of the outdoors while protecting valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays indoors. Offered in both Roman shade and window shade styles, with a multitude of options and an opacity range from very sheer to semi-sheer, the fabrics in the Designer Screen collection enhance your décor while allowing you to enjoy your surroundings.

  • Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics and textures with a host of design options, including the choice to have motorized shades.

  • Specifications Designer Roller Shades Designer Screen Shades
    Material Fabric or Vinyl Fabric or Vinyl
    Sizes Available Width: 12" to 115"
    Height: 12" to 120"
    Width: 12" to 98"
    Height: 12" to 120"
    Material/Color Options 181 combinations 107 combinations
    Privacy and Light Control

    (1 to 5 scale)
    (1) Reduced glare, no privacy
    (2) Softened light, moderate privacy
    (3) Softened light, substantial privacy
    (4) Diffused light, complete privacy
    (5) Blocked light, complete privacy

    (1 to 5 scale)
    (1) Reduced glare, no privacy
    (2) Softened light, moderate privacy
    Specialty Shapes and Applications Sliding Glass Doors
    French Doors
    Operation Systems Options Cordless Lifting System
    Clutch Operated Continuous Loop
    Standard continuous cord loop, SoftGlide® clutch system (Roman shade), Cassette system, top-down/bottom-up
    Motorization Options PowerRise® 2.0 batter-operated remote control
    Hard-Wired (remote or Wall switch)
    Electrical-powered remote or switch control
    Soil and Dust Resistant Yes Yes
    Uniform Exterior Appearance No No
    Orientation/Window Shape Horizontal Horizontal
    Safety Features Yes Yes
    GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certified Yes n/a
    Insulation 2 out of 5 n/a
    Solar Heat Control 2 out of 5 n/a
    Daylighting 1 out of 5 n/a
    Energy Efficiency n/a good
    UV Protection 4.5 out of 5 good (75% to 90%), Excellent (90% to 95%), Superior (95% to 99%)
    Sound Absorption 1.5 out of 5 good
    Price $$ $$$
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