Frame Styles and Tilt Rods

O’Hair hardwood shutters are wonderfully versatile and can be built in the size and shape of almost any window. We specialize in real woods shutters for arched windows, as arched plantation shutters are the best way to fully cover arched windows.

Frame Styles

Since it is unlikely that every window in a home is truly square, plantation shutters are usual hung and installed with a frame in the window to make sure everything fits perfectly. Two of the most common frame styles used on our hardwood shutters are:


A “Z-frame” is most commonly used on sheetrock openings. The style of frame wraps the window’s edge hiding imperfections behind the frame. The portion of the frame that overlaps the wall gives the window a custom, wood-case appearance. When professionally installed a “Z-Frame” can take a poorly constructed opening and make it appear square, eliminating gaps and making sure everything looks its very best. 


Wood cased windows, with or without a recessed area, and doors are treated with an “L-Frame” installation. This frame style is installed in a range of conditions: from partially to fully recessed within a wood cased area, to completely surface mounted on a window with no recess or a door. There are many variations of this frame style to deal with virtually all non-sheetrock applications. 

Tilt-Rod Options

To adjust your louvered shutters, a tilt-rod linked to each louver is moved up and down. The following louver tild-rod options are available for O’Hair hardwood plantation shutters.

Horizon Shutters

The O’Hair Horizon series, available in 3 1/4", 4 1/4", & 5 1/4" louvers, features a view uninterrupted by a conventional center tilt rod. Instead, a special contour tilt rod is provided at each side to overlap the vertical stiles (when louvers are closed), providing complete privacy. They come in the following two options:

  • Horizon side tilt-rods - provide an uninterrupted view with a pair of edge-mounted contoured tilt rods overlapping the vertical stiles (when louvers are closed), providing complete privacy
  • Horizon Solo - which only has one tilt rod on the hinge side of the shutter panel (see image at right)
  • Traditional center tilt rods are available upon request

Mirage rear-tilt rods

Mirage rear tilt-rods are mounted on the rear side of the shutter, providing a clean contemporary look, and complete privacy when closed. They are contoured to cover the gap between the louvers and side-stiles, blocking an average 99.99% of direct light.