Buyer Beware

Pictured above: Shutter components created from basswood coated with “engineered wood material”

Our competition and some Chinese shutter manufacturers call this wood! WE DON'T!

Shutters are a major investment in your home. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on something, don’t you want to know what your getting? Maybe you’ve seen other dealers advertising an “American made, domestic shutter.” If you dive in a little deeper, you’ll find they are assembling shutter components that were made in China.
Is a shutter assembled here but out of Chinese components truly a “domestic shutter”?

When getting quotes for wood shutters, demand that the name of the manufacturer is included and specifically what type of wood is used.
Also, ask if any “engineered wood components” are used. Remember that engineered wood likely indicates some particle board like material is being utilized for all or part of your shutter.
If you’re paying for a “wood” shutter, shouldn’t it be made out of actual WOOD?

Just because the manufacturer has an American sounding name doesn’t mean much:
Sunland Shutters = Made In China
Norman Shutters = Made in China





If you want a wood shutter, insist on an ALL American made REAL wood product!

Shutters from Window Fashions of Texas are not just American made they are TOTALLY TEXAN!

Millwork: Lubbock, Texas
Custom work: Austin, Texas

OK, we admit that the trees we use are imported...
Our lumber is harvested on family owned land in Louisiana, Indiana and Missouri by people who practice sustainable forestry and reasonable conservation.

A Letter from the Owner of Window Fashions of Texas:

Dear Prospective Customer,
Thank you for your time and for considering Window Fashions of Texas as your window covering supplier. It is of the utmost importance to us that consumers make informed decisions regarding their window treatment purchase.
Our family opened Austin Window Fashions in 1993, approaching 25 years ago. Our San Antonio Window Fashions of Texas branch was opened in 2003. Soon after we opened in Austin, necessity resulted in us moving into shutter manufacturing. At that point in time shutter demand was nearly fully handled by local manufacturers like us.
As shutters gained in popularity and the market quickly expanded, Chinese manufacturers moved in and flooded the market with cheaply priced alternatives. While some of these imported products are of decent quality, most are not. Their primary competitive advantage is ultra cheap labor and little environmental regulation which they leverage to provide cheap pricing. The influx of cheap imported product served to largely decimate the domestically produced shutter market.
Through all these changes we stuck to making a premium quality shutter made exclusively of responsibly grown and harvested domestic lumber crafted 100% by expert Texans. There are absolutely no foreign materials or foreign labor that goes into our product. The lumber comes from family owned, responsible, sustainable operations in the Midwest. We control our materials 100% from green lumber to the window. Our labor is 100% expert Texan. In spite of the effects of cheap imports, we are thankful for consumers who value a quality, truly American made product. In spite of tough industry conditions, these discerning consumers allowed us not only to survive but to grow and prosper through numerous up and down economic cycles.  
 As a consumer you have a difficult job because most dealers selling Chinese shutters or domestic manufacturers assembling Chinese components would prefer that you make your purchase decision unaware of these conditions. We regularly see competitive quotes identifying their product only as “shutters.” This makes as much sense as getting prices on automobiles with all only identified as “cars.”  
Dominant Chinese shutter manufactures sell into our country using very American sounding names like Norman Shutters and Sunland Shutters. Additionally, most dealers advertising an American made, domestic shutter are actually assembling shutter components made in China. Is a shutter assembled here but out of Chinese components truly an American made product?   
When shopping for shutters, demand details about who specifically makes the shutter being proposed, where it is made, and what kind of materials are used and if any of them are imported or “engineered.” Also, take time to understand how the product is constructed. The best of materials can be made into a poor quality shutter if inferior methods are utilized. We are completely transparent in providing details about our product. We have absolutely nothing to hide. Most of our competition are very vague by providing very little detail about their product. Ask tough question and make dealers put their answers in writing!
Thank you again for the opportunity to present our products as a potential solution for your window covering needs. We would greatly appreciate your business.
Tom Thom
Austin Window Fashions
Window Fashions of Texas