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Baby On the Way and I Need Shutters Fast!

Baby's room window before shutters

Baby's room after shutters, and after baby

Everyone loves before and after pics! Here are some before and after pics of my plantation shutters from Austin Window Fashions.

One of the great things about getting my plantation shutters from Austin Window Fashions is their really fast turn around time. My shutters we installed in only three weeks- that’s half the time any other window covering place in Austin will quote you, much less deliver. Since the baby was on the way, I really wanted to get something on the windows and I needed it fast. Austin Window Fashions was the only one that could do it on time.

Also, I like that they used waterbased paint with low VOC’s and no stinky offgassing in your home. That was important to me since I was putting them in the baby’s room.

I use my shutters every day! I open them every morning and let the natural light in, and I close them in the afternoon to keep the hot sun out. It’s great! I had blinds before and I never messed with them. Now that I have these shutters, it’s so easy and inviting to just give them a quick tilt and brighten the room or shut them tight so the baby can take his nap. I love how they really do close very tightly to make it nice and dark in the middle of the day for nap time. It also provides really comforting privacy.

My windows are kind of a funky size since this house was built in the 1970′s. Fortunately, since plantation shutters are custom built to each window and Austin Window Fashions has their own factory right here in Austin, they had no problem covering my windows perfectly. Another great thing about Austin Window Fashion’s shutters is that they can cover a window up to 50″ wide with a single shutter panel. It’s because they use better materials and better construction. My windows are 43″ wide and it’s perfect to just have the one wide panel giving me a nice open view. All the other shutter manufactures can only make shutter panels 36″ wide, which means to do my windows they would have to use two panels. That would have cut a large chunk of my view out of the center where the two panels would meet.

Needless to say, I’m really happy with my shutters. They are great and I would recommend Austin Window Fashions to everyone! 

Office Window before shuttersOffice Window after shutters