Your Summer To Do List

We are halfway through July, which means we are halfway through the summer! Have you made the most of the hot summer months? It’s not too late! Below are some things to do during the last half of the summer to get the most out of these lazy days. Some are for indoors and some are for outdoors so you can take your pick. And each one has additional details and how-to guides on our Pinterest board: Summer To Do List.

  1. Have fun! This is the most important one! If you haven’t already taken a vacation – large or small – now’s the time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact, why not find and visit a unique swimming hole or fun tubing location? Right here in central Texas, there are so many places to enjoy – Barton Springs in the heart of Austin; tubing the Frio in Leakey, TX; the beauty of Pedernales Falls near Johnson City, TX; Enchanted Rock hiking and camping near Fredericksburg, TX – just to name a few.
  2. Create giant games for your yard. The yard is a great place for spending time with family and friends. Our Pinterest board has loads of ideas for yard-sized games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory, Jenga, Kerplunk, Dominoes and more. There are also some ideas including water so you can cool off on these hot days.
  3. Designate daily hammock or rocking chair time. Set up a hammock or rocking chair in a cool part of the yard and make time to enjoy it during the cool of the day. Early morning or late evening are ideal for getting some outside time minus the heat…just make sure you have bug spray!
  4. Clean fans and filters. Those fans and air conditioners are working hard as we are in the warmest time of the year. It’s time to give them a good cleaning. While you’re at it, change out your filters every 2-3 months for best performance.
  5. Check and clean safety devices. Smoke detectors are a staple in our homes, but sometimes we forget to check them to make sure they’re working. It’s a good idea to change out all the batteries at least on a yearly basis. And vacuum them (along with bathroom exhaust fans) to make sure they are dust free and able to do their jobs properly. While you’re at it, talk to your family about your evacuation plan in case of a fire or other emergency.
  6. Wash your washer, dryer and coffee maker. These items seldom get a good cleaning because we’re so busy using them! Once again, Pinterest has some great tutorials for how to get yours in tip-top shape.
  7. Drink lots of water. We sweat a lot when we’re outside during the summer, so we need to make sure we are rehydrating. Not sure how much water you need? Not sure how to make sure you’re getting enough? You guessed it…there are pins on our Pinterest board to help!
  8. Add shade to your yard. Whether it’s huge umbrellas, shade sails, an awning or a covered deck, there are lots of ways to shade your yard so you can spend more time enjoying it this summer.
  9. Share your backyard harvest. If you planted a garden in the spring, it is likely in full production right now. Especially squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes! Why not share the bounty with your neighbors?
  10. Create your own Summer Bucket List. What do you want to make sure you get to do before school starts up again? Now’s the time! Create your own Pinterest board with ideas for your family and get busy!