Your Autumn To Do List

Autumn is coming! It may seem like these days are a little too warm, but there are signs of Autumn’s approach everywhere – falling leaves, nut-gathering squirrels, earlier darkness. But it comes and goes quickly with the buzz of the holidays, so take a minute to plan what you’d like to slow down and enjoy while you have the chance.

  1. Have fun with your kids! From obstacle courses to scavenger hunts, picnics to pumpkin picking, there are lots of ways for you to enjoy the cooler weather with your little ones. Get creative!
  2. Check out a Hot-Air Balloon show. This is a great time to catch them here and in other areas. They make for some beautiful photo ops. You might also find one that offers rides!
  3. Visit a Corn Maze. Fun for the kids and adults. Take an adventurous trek through the corn or a leisurely, romantic stroll with someone special.
  4. Go take a Hike. As the weather cools, now is the time in Texas to explore. Drive out to Guadalupe Peak for a hike up the tallest peak in Texas. Check out one of our beautiful state parks. Or make a simple trek to Austin’s own Mount Bonnell. Wherever you go, you’ll enjoy the cool, crisp air and spectacular scenes.  
  5. Go Leaf-Peeping. Some will try to tell you that our leaves don’t change colors and so fall in Texas is boring. Are they wrong! In some parts of the state, you have to look harder than others, but take a drive out to Lost Maples and see a leaf show to rival the one in New England.
  6. Grow a Fall Garden. Austin’s plant nursery’s are a wealth of information for all things green. Why not go check one out for tips and ideas for a fall garden? You’ll be reaping that harvest of fresh veggies just in time for stew weather.  
  7. Train for an event or race. Now’s the time to train for upcoming races and events in the winter and spring. Ever wanted to do a marathon? The Austin Marathon is on Valentine’s Day this year. Or maybe a shorter 5K is more your speed – join in the fun of the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!
  8. Rake leaves. I know it sounds like work, but before you bag them up or mulch them, make a big pile and jump in!
  9. Deep Clean Your Kitchen. You might have put your oven into hibernation in favor of cooler foods and a cooler house over the summer, so now’s the time to make sure it’s ready for fall cooking. You might as well get the rest of the kitchen nice and clean while you’re at it.
  10. Schedule a chimney cleaning and heating system maintenance. Do this now before it’s needed so that when that first cold snap hits, you’re ready to build a safe, crackling fire.
  11. Create your own Autumn Bucket List. What do you want to make sure you get to do in the cooler weather? Now’s the time to plan! Create your own Pinterest board with ideas for your family and get busy!

Take a look at our Pinterest Board: Autumn To Do List.