Window Replacement and How It Affects Window Coverings

Replacement windows can be a good investment in your home.

One of the larger home updating and remodeling projects that many people take on is window replacement. It’s a good investment in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency to replace old, thin and leaky windows with new custom high insulting windows from a San Antonio area business like Window World. They have been providing San Antonio and central Texas with new replacement windows for over 50 years.

And after homeowners get their new windows installed, often times their next stop is to come see us at Window Fashions of Texas for new window coverings. There are few things to know and look out for when getting new window coverings after replacing your home’s windows.

One of the most common issues we see homeowners facing after window replacement is the now shallower recess of their windows. Replacement windows are usually thicker to help provide insulation, which is great. But once installed in your window opening, you may find that there isn’t as much depth left on the sill, and often the old blinds or shades won’t fit the way they used to. This is something you'll want to consider and ask your window replacement company about in advance. Get specifics on how much room will the new windows take up and how much of your recess will be left available to mount window coverings.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings in an outside mount.Our knowledgeable Design Consultants at Window Fashions of Texas will be able to help you find the best fitting type of blinds or shades that be used in your new smaller window recesses. And there are other mounting options too. We can help you choose a product that looks great in an outside mount application or find ways to work around issues that arise after window replacement.

Another common feature of new replacement windows that changes how your window coverings fit and work is the window crank. It’s become a very popular feature on new windows, which is fine- you just have to know and take into consideration when adding new window coverings on widows that open with cranks. There are options of modifying the length of your shades to accommodate the crank, or know that you can live with the crank hiding behind some types of blinds and shades. When it comes to plantation shutters, we can do a face mount installation, or occasionally the shutter frame can be modified to accommodate the crank.

Replacement windows can be a great investment in your home. Make sure you choose a reputable local company and ask a lot of questions so you will know how your new windows are going to affect the placement and use of your window coverings. And once you get those nice new windows installed, come visit the Window Fashions of Texas showroom and we’ll be happy to show you all the great options for window coverings to go with them.