Where to Splurge in Your Home

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings are a luxurious touch in the kitchen.

When it comes to stuff to spend money on, there is no shortage of temptations in our modern culture. Each new season brings with it some new look, style, trend, or gadget. So, should we always strive to withstand the temptation to splurge or is it ok – even a good idea – in certain situations?

According to Forbes magazine, there are a few purchases for the home that are totally worth the splurge. Number one just happens to be window coverings and we couldn’t agree more! Below is a synopsis of their findings. (Read the full article here: 7 Home Purchases Worth the Splurge.)

  1. Window Coverings: A wise investment in window coverings often means going the custom route. This means enjoyment while you live in the space, but can also mean added value when it comes time to sell. (And of course, the knowledgeable design consultants at Window Fashions of Texas are ready and willing to help you make the best investment in custom window coverings.)
  2. Linens and Towels: If it touches your bare skin, it should feel good to the touch.
  3. Upholstery: It’s always a good idea to purchase fabrics that withstand the demands of your household. Whether it’s climbing kids, playful pets, or full-grown adults, your furniture should be comfortable and durable.
  4. Room Size Rug: A rug can add warmth and character to a room while protecting the flooring underneath. That means it needs to look great and be long-lasting. This can be a tough combination to find, so when you locate your dream rug, go ahead and make the investment.
  5. Mattress: Your days revolve around the amount of sleep you get. Poor sleep equals poor quality of life during the waking hours. Therefore, a good mattress is an investment in your physical health, but also your sanity.
  6. Original Artwork: You are unique, so why would you surround yourself with generic? Find pieces of art that speak to you personally and / or reflect your values. A great place to start is with a local artist or perhaps some family portraits.
  7. Countertops: Another piece in the home that works hard and takes a beating is your kitchen and bathroom counters. And once you’ve made the investment, make sure you know the best ways to care for them so they are beautiful for years to come. This is another place where a wise investment now means joy for you and a better selling price to the next buyer.

There you have it – the top seven splurges you should make. You have our permission to go for it!