Traditional Painted Shutters – Making a House a Home

The white painted shutters fit in beautifully in this traditional style dining room.

“It’s funny how things work.  Kindal and I just hit it off immediately – and it was all by phone!” Rita Jauer laughed as she recalled her experience with her Austin Window Fashions Design Consultant, Kindal Mitchell.  “I never even laid eyes on her until all the shutters had been ordered and I came in to pay my deposit.  She was very, very helpful in the process.  We had no trouble understanding each other, even though it was all done by phone or email.”

Rita was living in Houston when she began building her house in Austin.  Many of her decisions were made long distance, which required her to completely trust Kindal.  She communicated regularly with Kindal, informing her about the progress of the house.  As soon as the drywall and painting were completed, Kindal was on site to take measurements.  The day after Rita closed on her house, AWF was out to install all the shutters.

“When we got there, everything was done and matched perfectly!” Rita said. 

Kindal enjoyed the process, as well.  “Most of our interactions with our customers are relatively short, so being able to work together throughout the entire construction process was a lot of fun! She trusted me a lot to make decisions on her behalf of what I thought worked best. I believe that I did not disappoint her and she is ecstatic with the end result!”

Rita concurs that she is very happy with her decision. “I’m not a contemporary person; everything in my house is very traditional.  I’ve got ball-and-claw feet running around my dining room – lots of it!  Walnut French Provincial is in the bedroom.  And the great room is a mixture of both.  The shutters go well with all the eclectic things we have.” 

It’s the little things that make a house a home.  Little things like those special touches that make it uniquely yours and the elements that tie all of your pieces together.  For Rita Jauer, her painted shutters from Austin Window Fashions were one of those “little things.”

Rita summed up her experience: “As soon as I saw the shutters up in my house for the first time, I called Kindal and said, ‘Kindal, you rock!’”

These white plantation shutters fit in beautifully in this traditional dining room.Plantation shutters make this a perfect cozy sitting area in the master bedroom.