Stained planation shutters on a rock wall and matching shutter doors

This master bedroom has a great combination of materials with a rock wall and stained plantation shutters for windows and doors.

We recently got a chance to go back out and get some photos of a shutter job Window Fashions of Texas did in 2012. Beautiful stuff!

Master bedroom with stained plantation shuttes on a rockwall and custom shutter closet doors.

It's a really neat combination of materials is found in this master bed room with a rock wall and stained plantation shutters that look great in the middle of it. "All the windows and doors are set in the cedar trim work done by the expert carpenters and looks awesome matched up with our Walnut stain." says Brittany Binder, our Design Consultant on this project.

Stained plantation shutters on a rock wall make for a beautiful combination of materials.

Did you know that we can build custom made doors too. Check out all the closet doors in this room are made with our plantation shutters with fixed louvers on the top and solid panels on the bottom.

Bathroom door made with fixed louver shutter on top and solid panel on the bottom.Custom shutters made into closet doors with fixed louver tops and solid panel bottoms.The closet doors with fixed louver tops and solid panel bottoms perfectly match the plantation shutters on the window.

Even the doors on the towel cabinet are stained plantation shutters with fixed lovers. A perfect match with all the rest of the room.

Custom planation shutters with fixed louvers made into bathroom cabinet doors.

Another cool feature is in the bathroom is the saloon or cafe style door on the toilet room. And the window next to it is made to highlight these unique features. Brittany says "We did a café/saloon style door for the toilet room and a couple of closet doors with raised panel/fixed louvers.  We did the windows with split tilt and as you can see in the bathroom, the level worked out perfectly with the height of the door to the toilet room."

Salon/cafe style door on the toilet room made with fixed louver plantation shuttersWindow by the saloon style toilet door has plantation shutter with split tilt rood to match the height of the door.

Over all, the beautiful wood work and stained plantation shutters and doors give a wonderful unified look throughout the master bedroom and bath.