So Many Window Coverings to Choose From

Shutters are always a great choice for the bedroom.

Window Treatments for Contemporary Kitchens

In a kitchen, window treatments are essential, since they not only help to pull an overall design together, but they offer light filtering opportunities and help to protect your skin, flooring, and even furnishings safe from damaging UV rays. Today, there are a myriad of unique drapes, blinds, and shades to choose from that will lend a contemporary look and feel to your kitchen. From flowing sheer floor-length designs to classic, sturdy wooden blinds, there is something out there to meet everyone’s personal preferences. Here are a few favorites from Modernize that just might be the perfect fit for you:

Trendy Shade Options

Shades are all the rage thanks to their overall versatility and durability. Choose woven wood shades for a relaxing yet contemporary look in any room—not only are they fashionable, but they are made of natural fibers, which helps to decrease your home’s carbon footprint on the planet, too. Modern Roman shades are an awesome option, too, because they help insulate windows— and their easy-to-use pulley systems can be kept out of reach from children. Featuring a translucent yet discreet design and soft-to-the-touch fabric options, privacy sheers are yet another fine choice to consider. 

Bright bedroom

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Beautiful Blind Choices

Polystyrene slats are a popular alternative to ordinary wood blinds, combining a contemporary look and feel with an easy-to-maintain build that will keep your windows looking fresh for years to come. They stand up well to heat and moisture, and they’re stain resistant as well. Motorized blinds are convenient for those who lead busy lifestyles, many of which offer power-tilt options that ensure maximum light filtering capabilities throughout the entire day. Reflective blinds may be of interest in the kitchen and bathroom, where optimal sight is necessary for tasks such as cooking and grooming. They minimize glare, provide plenty of privacy, and reflect harmful UV rays from penetrating into your home.

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Peppy Panel Opportunities

Gliding window panels shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to create a contemporary look and feel at home. Their sleek urban look is unparalleled by none other, and they can be custom made to fit perfectly on all window sizes, shapes, and styles. Gliding panels are built with a hefty hardware system that allows them to be used as convenient room dividers. When combined with a fashionable curtain set, gliding window panels offer the best of all worlds when it comes to privacy, protection, light filtering, and style.

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Use one of these ideas to ensure a uniform look throughout your home, or create something whimsical to enjoy by mixing and matching these ideas throughout different spaces.