Motorization is the future of your window coverings. Update: The Future is Here!

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Back in 2009 I wrote a blog post about How Motorized Window Coverings are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.

“… motorization of your window coverings is the wave of the future.

At first you might say ‘Only homes much nicer than mine have motorized shades.’ But think of it this way, back in the 1960′s only fancy, expensive homes had power garage door openers… now every new starter home comes with automatic garage door openers. Motorization of your window coverings is a great useful feature that is becoming more common and affordable every year.

Most new homes these days are designed with beautiful high ceiling and walls full of windows that may be up high and out of reach. Yet the sun still comes in and glares threw these windows into your living space. When you want to maintain the beauty of the architecture and improve the usefulness of the room, you’re going to want to put some kind of window covering on those windows. And adding motorization to those window coverings gives you the perfect combination of decor and usability.”

The future is here with the introduction of the Hunter Douglas PlatinumTM App. Now you can control your motorized Hunter Douglas window coverings with ease using your smart phone or tablet.

Visit the showroom today to see the Platinum App in action and learn how we can help bring these new and exciting innovations in motorized window fashions to your home.