Mix and Match to Your Hearts Delight

Mix and match and don't be afraid of color- your windows will love it!

This lovely couple moved into a new home with nothing on the windows. Once they got to working with our Design Consultant Meredith, they mixed and matched all kinds of window coverings and found just the right combination for their new home. We asked Meredith to tell us a little about this project:

"I first met Mr. and Mrs. van der Hagen in the showroom.  They came in and looked at product.  I loved the fact that they wanted variety in the home.  They did not have the desire for consistency throughout the entire home.  I think this is great to show others because people ask me all the time if it is ok to mix and match product.  By all means, yes!!   
While in the showroom we were able to look at options, operating systems and get an idea for likes/dislikes.  We then narrowed down to certain colors that we liked for Pirouette and Silhouettes.  I scheduled an appointment to go out to the home.  We literally went room by room.  We were able to look at our list of likes from the showroom and see how they looked in their environment with their lighting.
Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shading in an eye catching color in the guest bedroom.Their main concerns were making sure we got the right color for certain rooms.  Especially the front guest room where they put a pink Pirouette.  That is her “pink” room.  She was definite about wanting pink.  We had originally selected another color for the dining room and then decided after the fact that the pink would look great in their as well.
Real wood plantation shutters in the master bedroom make the room feel cool and calm.They wanted the shutter feel in the bedroom because of the décor and they have a great view.  Plus with the shutters, it gives them great light blockage especially since they had so many windows.  They originally thought about doing a Luminette in this room but the main wall curves.  They would have lost a lot of their room if they did go with a vertical.  Shutters help maximize the room.
White painted real wood shutters in the hallwayWhen they were in the showroom they were thinking about doing a couple shutters stained to match the floors.  (hallway shutters) but we decided during the in home consultation that the white looked the best.
Hunter Douglas Silhouette Duolight with built in rear black-out roller shade in the guest bedroomThe Silhouette in the guest room we wanted a green to go with the décor and wanted something to block more of the light so we did the Duolite option.  Color was important in this room as well.
Motoroized Silhouette window shadings in the living room and breakfast room.They loved the idea of power in the living room area just for the ease and convenience.
We did faux wood blinds in the bathrooms as that was the best fit.  Roller shade in the master closet to give some privacy.
Luna Piena Tableaux decor in the home officeWhen I was in the home, I noticed transom windows in a unique space.  I immediately thought of the Tableaux.  I showed images to them and they fell in love.  We measured those spaces and ordered this part after the main windows were ordered.
These transom windows, we added the 5% screen to so that it would filter a little more of the light for them.
This was such a fun couple to work with throughout the entire process.  I loved that they had an opinion.  They also would ask for my opinion and we came up with some fabulous selections.  They had a sense of humor and really made it a pleasure to work on their home.  I felt like I was always smiling and laughing."

So the lesson here is that there are SO many types of window coverings, we've got something perfect for every space. Stop by the showroom to see all of the variaety and options in person.