Labor Day Lessons and Leisure

Motorized shades allow you the freedom to control your shades with ease.

Labor Day Lessons and Leisure

Are you grasping at the final days of summer? Remember back in June when summer loomed out in front of you like the ocean stretching into an endless horizon? As the doors of summer close and the school bell rings, are you considering taking one last shot at summertime travel fun over Labor Day weekend?

When we travel – far from home or just out into our own city – we leave our homes. Sometimes we have a plan and know how long we’ll be gone. Other times we travel with the mindset to go where the wind blows us.

For example, let’s say you run to the store for some supplies. While there, you bump into your friend who invites you to the movies. After the movies you decide to go to dinner. What started out as a quick trip to the store turned into an all-afternoon affair.

Spontaneity is fun, but so is being able to pay your electric bill! Just before the movie starts, you remember that you opened your shades this morning to enjoy the morning light and gorgeous view from your westward-facing living room. As you sit in the cool, dark theater, the afternoon summer sun is creeping its way around to that side of the house creating a hot pocket. Sure your air conditioner will keep it cool, but the electric bill will be nothing short of atrocious at the end of the month.

Now imagine that months ago, you went to Window Fashions of Texas and shared with your design consultant the orientation of your home. She suggested heat-blocking shades. But the heat blocking only works if they are drawn. This is where the beauty of shopping at Window Fashions of Texas really starts to pay off.

Almost all Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are available with the option for motorized lifting, tilting, and sliding systems. They operate easily with a remote or from your smart phone. So all you have to do is whip out your smart phone (before the movie has begun, of course!) and with a few taps your shades are drawn.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings with PowerRise motorized shade technology.

Some Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are even available with the amazing Platinum Solar Energy Sensor. This fantastic innovation senses elevating levels of solar energy and automatically closes the motorized shades to help keep the sun’s heat from entering your home. You don’t have to worry about remembering to close the blinds before you leave home because your Hunter Douglas automatic blinds remember for you. Either way, you’re covered.

So go ahead and run off for Labor Day fun. Don’t have Hunter Douglas motorized blinds or shades? Well you’re in luck! From now through September 15, 2014, there are rebates available on select Hunter Douglas products with PowerRise or PowerGlide (see store for details).

And a little more help just because we care – here are five ideas for making the most of Labor Day weekend.  Note: none of them include laboring…

  1. Hit the open road (or back roads). Pack a change of clothes or two, as well as a swimsuit, load up the family and just go. Ask your kids which way to go – north, south, east, or west – then drive! Be on the lookout for unexpected gems along the way and pull over to read Historical Markers. When you get tired, pull out your Hotel Tonight app and find a place to lay your weary heads at the last minute. 
  2. Stay-cation. Just stay home, but stay with a mindset to see “home” as a new place to discover. Begin by making the TV, internet, and any other normal distractors off limits. Plan an outing to a nearby attraction you’ve never been to or haven’t visited in a long time – like a museum or historical building. Maybe try your hand at geocaching. Explore a park in your town that you’ve never visited before. Pop a tent in your backyard and roast s’mores (no campfire required!). 
  3. Travel the world of flavors. Three days. Nine meals. Nine different global cuisines. Can you do it? For breakfast, try a full English breakfast or go crazy with a traditional Thai breakfast. Go down under for lunch and try an Australian meal or perhaps give Ethiopian food a taste. You get the idea…now get eating!
  4. Spa Retreat. Book some you-time at a relaxing day spa and pamper yourself silly. Or do it yourself by making your own Coconut Coffee Body Scrub, giving yourself a natural manicure, and sipping some lavender tea.
  5. Complete one project. Summer’s ending. Think about all the projects you wanted to complete during these last three months. Pick one that you can accomplish in a weekend. Start a square foot garden for fall harvest. Declutter and organize your closet. Work at a soup kitchen. Run through the sprinklers in your yard. Take a meal to a neighbor in need. You know what you really want to do, now do it!

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