Introducing All New Rear-Tilt Shutters: The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

O'Hair's new Mirage Rear-Tilt shutters are superior to any other rear-tilt currently on the market.

Now available at Window Fashions of Texas, the all new O'Hair Mirage™ rear-tilt hardwood shutter. This rear-tilt shutter is vastly superior to all other reat-tilt shutters currently on the market.

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Mirage Rear-tilt shutters

O’Hair Shutters is pleased to introduce the Mirage™ tilt, a major advance beyond all competing rear-linkage designs.

The Mirage™ features twin edge-mounted tilt rods for a level of privacy and light control that is superior to all competing products. The rear tilt rods are contoured to cover the gap between the louvers and stiles, thereby blocking direct light. This is the only rear-tilt system with dual stainless steel louver staples, offering a far stronger connection than the single-screw attachments found in other systems, plus the staples are angled to make the tilt rods snug when closed.

Panels are available in sizes up to 50” wide by 133” tall with a single tilt group, which is well beyond the 6’ height limitation of competing rear-linkage designs.

Mid-rail and split-tilt designs are also available. The Mirage™ is the strongest, best engineered, and most dependable rear-tilt interior shutter system on the market.


▶ The nested tilt rod design blocks an average of 99.99% of all direct light. Hand closing the Mirage rear-tilt shutters
▶ Precision louver linkage points minimize tilt rod play.
▶ Far stronger than competing products.
▶ Arrow-straight tilt rods in heights up to 120”.
▶ Minimal tilt-rod visibility, with a sleek appearance when when closed.
▶ Available in louver spacings of 3", 4" and 5".

Uniform Closure and Superior Light Blocking:

Mirage Tilt™ achieves closure with a single touch, even with the tallest panels. With other rear-tilt systems, you must sweep your hand up the louvers to achieve closure.
Mirage™ uses light-blocking tilt rods that center over the 1/32" gap between the louver and the stile. Thanks to the convenient closure and the nesting tilt-rods, the exactingly engineered Mirage Tilt™ is superior to all competing rear-tilt and concealed-tilt designs.

Ultra-Strong O'Hair Engineering and Construction:

▶ Made in America using genuine American hardwood.
▶ Traditional screw-reinforced mortise-and-tenon joinery.
▶ Precision engineered, with computer-controlled milling for an extremely precise and uniform fit.
▶ Solid hardwood bookmatched louver construction — no laminates or plywood cores.
▶ Monolithic louver tenons milled from the louver itself — far stronger than competing plastic pin designs, but with a slim 3/8" louver profile.
▶ Continuous aluminum linkage tilt rod inserts — far stronger than competing systems
▶ View ratio that is superior to oval louver designs — up to 16% more view than competing products.
▶ Supported by our transferable limited lifetime warranty — good for the life of the home itself.*
    * See warranty for details

Visit the showroom to see it in person and let us show you why you'll love the new O'Hair Mirage™ Rear-Tilt Shutters.