Help! How Do I Cover a Sliding Glass Door?

Copyrighted image © licensed from O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. / Bi-folding shutters are one good way to put a window treatment on your glass door.

A lot of folks ask us for help with the best way to put window treatments on a sliding glass door. There are lots of different options available and our Design Consultant Mary Hudson describes a few of the most common.

This week we asked our most senior Design Consultant, Mary Hudson, to give us some good solutions to a question we hear often: What's the best way to cover a sliding glass door? There are lots of different options available and here Mary describes a few of the most common.

"In the past, verticals were a great, inexpensive solution for sliding glass doors, but that was in the past.  Customers don’t like them now, and even have strong aversions to them.  We have other solutions that are more popular than vertical blinds and drapes.
Bi-fold shutters used on a glass door.
My number one is custom plantation shutters.  They can be built three ways, the most popular is to treat the door just like a window.  If the window is a six foot slider, it can be built as a bi-fold, just like you would bi-fold a large window.  The result is amazing.  It makes that ugly sliding glass door look just like a window, and people are amazed at how well they function. If you have a larger opening, a T-post must be used to support a large eigth or 12 foot opening.  I have done three sections with T-posts to cover 12 foot sliders with great results.
Custom plantation shutters on a bypass track on a sliding glass door.
The second and third way is to put the shutter on a track and either bi-fold or do a slide over slide.  The main issue with a bi-fold track is the space it takes up in the room because it will not fold against the wall, but projects into the room.   A slide over slide will only project out as far as the framing, approximately seven inches, but when they are both moved to one side, the louvers must be closed, blocking off half your view.
 Hunter Douglas Luminette Modern Drapery works well to cover a sliding glass door.
Another way to cover a sliding door is to use a Hunter Douglas Luminette Modern Drapery, which is a combination of a sheer and vertical.  The thing I love about the Luminette drapery is that it’s folds perfectly, unlike a traditional drapery, for a more modern look.  It can be ordered as a center or side draw, depending on how you need the drape to be opened.  It’s a modern take on a drapery.
Hunter Douglas Screen Shades on a giant sliding glass door.
Lastly, any soft shade that rolls up into a cassette can be used, mostly it is done in sections. I have done sliding doors in Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades, Silhouettes, Pirouettes, and Roller Shades.  This would be for the person that wants an open look during the day, and to close the shade for privacy and light control when access to the back yard is not needed.  The best result was a motorized Pirouette shade, done in four sections, there were no strings hanging down, and one or all the sections could be opened.  The result was stunning!"

Thank Mary! As always, we encourage you to visit the showroom for even more ideas and to see, touch and operate all the different types of window coverings in person.