Frame Cut-Outs: Fitting Shutters in with existing moulding

Occasionally we have to make modifications to make our shutter frames fit with existing moulding in the home.

Often times we run into a situation where the frame of our shutters will bump into existing moulding or frame work in the home. Here is a recent example of how we handled it in this San Antonio area home. It turned out quite nice looking.

Our Design Consultant, Mary Hudson, gave us this discription of the situation here: "Mostly people want a seamless transition from the frame to the chair or in this case the mantle.  We actually removed existing shutters from this customers house and replaced them with our shutters. The existing shutters had a square notch cut out of the frame, that really looked sloppy. (see picture below). Since the top of the mantle hit the window edge, so we needed to do a modification.  Our installer made a notch behind the mantle so that the frame of the shutter slid behind it. Looks perfect!"

Before and after showing how we handle frame cut-outs near a mantle.

Frame cut-outs by fireplace.