Designer’s Top Picks- Nicole Dominic

Provenance Woven Wood Shades and Duette Honeycomb Shades

Nicole Dominic, Design Consultant at Window Fashions of TexasFor this Designer's Top Picks blog, we asked Nicole Dominic to give us some insight into her background and her favorite Hunter Douglas products. Here's what she had to say:

"I joined Window Fashions of Texas in May of 2015.  I started in the window covering industry as a District Sales Manager for Hunter Douglas and also worked for their sister company Custom Brands Group for about 10 years. During my time at Hunter Douglas I trained dealers and design consultants (like myself) on product, selling techniques, and helping them build their business. My background has allowed me to understand the differences between Hunter Douglas and their competitors.  It has also given me the confidence to explain why Hunter Douglas is the best window covering manufacturer in the industry."
Provenance Woven Wood shades with privacy liner."If I were designing my dream home I would definitely incorporate Provenance Woven Woods. My style is more casual and slightly bohemian; but with some unexpected and fun touches. The Woven Woods gives some beautiful, additional texture in my windows; and still allows a more natural look. With a young child and pets, I don’t want any additional cords and would definitely choose a lifting system like Ultraglide or Literise. Having an independently operating liner is a must! The beauty of a woven wood is having the sunlight pour through the fabric, but I need privacy at night. The independent liner lets me have the best of both worlds."
Duette Honeycomb Shades by Window Fashions of Texas"My second favorite product is the Duette Honeycombs. Honeycombs are an ideal product for many clients because they are so versatile. Large windows, funny-shaped windows, arches…..almost every window can be covered with a Honeycomb. I love the different lifting system options available, like UltraGlide, Literise, and PowerView; and since they share a common headrail I can mix and match throughout the home. The Top-Down/Bottom-Up option is another great feature that allows you privacy and your view at once! The Duette collection also has really beautiful fabrics like the Bamboo Batiste, Elan, and Panche…plus the most color options available.  We can always find that perfect color!

Finally, Duette Honeycombs aren’t just pretty, they are also super functional. The solar heat control is the best. When they are closed you can immediately feel the heat reduction coming through your window. An overlooked, but really cool feature of the Honeycombs is sound absorption. Noise like traffic, construction, and barking dogs can all be reduced significantly with a Honeycomb. Function and beauty in one!"

You can meet Nicole in our San Antonio showroom and she would be happy to show you the Provenace Woven Woods or the Duette Honeycomb Shades, or help you find the shades that are perfect for you needs and home.