Creating A Beautifully Minimal Home

Pirouette Window Shadings are the perfect compliment to the feel of a minimal home.

Meet Holly.  She’s a minimalist. 

“No, it doesn’t mean I live in a ten foot by ten foot white, square room with no furniture,” Holly laughs at the stereotyped notion of her kind.  “It simply means I live in a way that is not consumed by material possessions.”

In a land of plenty, minimalism is an ideal that is appealing to many in this fast-paced, possession-heavy society.  It is an ideology as much as a style and approach to things. 

Many who live this way would say that owning less is not merely about owning less, but about focusing on what is more important.  “It’s a tool,” Holly explains, “to help you focus on what’s really important – like passions, experiences, individual growth, and time with loved ones.  It’s clearing out the junk so we can make the main things the main things.” 

When it comes to creating a minimalist home, there is a focus on practical elements like key pieces of furniture and window coverings.  These combine to create a comfortable living space that contributes to the overall feel of openness and freedom.

“Light is such an important aspect of a minimalist home,” Holly said.  “Because there is not a lot of ‘stuff’ in the room, it is important to create a sense of warmth and personality in other ways.  The amount of light coming into the room from outside is as important to the amount of lighting within the room.”

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings are simple and beautiful.Window Fashions of Texas carries Pirouette Window Shadings that are the perfect compliment to the feel of a minimal home.  With the simple pull of a cord, you can change the whole mood of a room.  In the morning, open the fabric vanes to let more of the soft light in as you awaken.  As the day warms, close the vanes to create a gentler glow instead of harsh afternoon sun.  And in the evening, the closed vanes offer privacy, but fashionable, simple fabrics are complimentary to your minimal style. 

First few steps to create a minimalist home:

  1. Get rid of excess.  This is also known as decluttering.  Start by clearing away things that are obviously excessive and then continue to clear things away that simply aren’t beneficial to your life or well being.
  2. Set a goal to keep one particular area clean.  Perhaps it is your kitchen table to begin with.  Practice keeping it clean for a few days, then add another area – like the floor of your closet.  Practice on one area, then add another area, slowly and methodically. 
  3. Have a place for everything.  Put things away when you are finished using them.  Teach others in your family where things belong.  If the place where you would keep something is too full of other stuff, take time to sort and declutter that shelf or closet or box. 
  4. Choose furniture and window coverings carefully.  Too many pieces of furniture in a room makes it feel stuffed and cramped.  Cheap or highly patterned window treatments can create visual clutter.

“If you really want to get into the minimalist thing, I recommend starting with Leo Babauta’s A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home,” Holly suggests.  “It is a great overview and starting place for anyone interested in minimalist living.”