Common window issues that can be overcome with custom shutters

Windows over tile and windows with cranks are a common concerns we can handle with custom plantation shutters.

Before and after plantation shutters installed over tile at kitchen sink.

This photo is a great example of how we address several common concerns:
1) installing shutters when there is an existing frame in the window
2) mounting shutters on or near tile
3) putting shutters in windows with cranks

Here is the advice from one of our experts Design Consultants:

"I get more reservations or questions about mounting on existing framing and over cranks and locks, than tile, but this is a great example of both.  The concerns are, when mounting on existing framing, customers think that the shutter is going to stick out too far out in the room. Once it’s done it’s hardly noticeable, especially when it’s painted the same color as their trim. (A great case for us doing custom painted shutters!) Another concern is that the framing will inhibit the rotation of the window crank. We can always do a frame cut-out, or in this case, not put any framing on the window sill at all. It really transformed the room for a more finished look."
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