Budgeting for your window coverings

Categories: Budgeting

Yesterday I heard an interesting statistic: That you should budget at least 5%, and really more like 10%, of the price of your home for your window coverings.

At first, this kind of surprised me. If we’re talking about a $600,000 house, that’s a minimum of $30,000 for window coverings. That sounds like a lot of money. But then I got to thinking about it… if you’re building that beautiful dream home you’ve been planning your whole life… you’ve probably spent $17 a square foot on those gorgeous hardwood floors, $60 a square foot on that beautiful granite countertop, $25 a tile for that luxurious steam shower, and over $4000 for that stunning crystal chandelier in the dining room. Plus, you’ve still got up to 30 windows you need to cover. Unfortunately, window coverings are one of the last things people think of and don’t always budget for… but they really are just as important as all those other purchase.

Your windows are the key to light, privacy, and energy efficiency in your home. And once you’ve gone out of your way to put all the best and beautiful products in your home, do you really want to go down to Home Depot and have the cheapest white PVC blinds cut down to fit your windows? They’re certainly not going to complement the stained wood work in the den and they won’t block much of the heat of the full morning sun exposure in your breakfast room.

So plan ahead. When you’re drawing up those dream plans, or just moving into your new nest- remember to create a budget for your window covering. After all, nobody appreciates it when your neighbor’s living room windows peer right into your master bath.

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