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Five Examples of Door Handle Cutouts

Shutters are popular on door windows for privacy and light control. With that, there comes the extra consideration of how to add the shutter and still have functioning door handles or knobs. Here are five examples of door shutters with door-handle cutouts.

Living Coral: 7 Ways to Use This Color in Home Design

Have you heard the exciting news? Pantone, the authority on color, has just announced Color of the Year 2019. Living Coral is full of vibrance, refreshment and irresistible fun. When these colors are chosen, do you find yourself wondering...

What Will Be the Trending Colors of 2019?

We are often asked about new trends in design. We spend time working with style statements–coordinating client homes for the perfect look and feel. Color plays a tremendous role in the atmosphere of...

Two Must-Have Checklists for Settling into a New Home

Here are a few ideas to help the process of settling into a new home go quickly and smoothly—and maybe you’ll even have a little fun along the way.

Woven Woods Transform an Urban Loft

Creating warmth, transforming light...our Provenance Woven Woods were designed to do just that. From natural fibers, they are hand woven reeds, bamboo, grasses or wood, with enriching textures and gorgeous dimension. Take a look at the transformation...

Ways to Cover Sliding Glass Doors

Examples of lots of ways to cover sliding glass doors.

Designer’s Top Picks- Tiffany Hartnett

Welcome to Tiffany Hartnett, our newest Design Consultant at Window Fashions of Texas. We've asked Tiffany to share her "Designer's Top Picks" in window coverings.

Our Top 3 Ways to Solve Window Issues in Your Home

The changing of the seasons can be a tricky time of year. You’ll definitely be reminded of your home’s challenges. The problem is that the culprit is probably also one of your favorite things about your home...

Say Hello to Fall with Energy Efficient Window Treatments

As the end of October nears, the temperatures begin to cool, and you can enjoy some lovely outdoor weather. But, what’s going on inside your home? Autumn is a good time to evaluate your home...

Make Safety a Priority: Child Safe Blinds

Parents have a lot of worries, but one of those worries should not be the dangers of the cords on blinds, shades and other window coverings. How safe is your home?

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