ABC’s of Window Fashions of Texas – K is for Kitchen Dreams

Hunter Douglas Applause Honeycomb Shades are perfect in the kitchen.

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. It’s not just the place where we prepare meals, but it’s also the place where we see our families the most. It’s the heart of the home and the natural gathering place. At parties, our guests love to gather there (because it’s usually where the food is!), even when there’s more space in the rest of the house.

So what are the things that would make your kitchen more fabulous? What are the must have’s (aside from the obvious sink, oven, refrigerator, etc.)? Here are the Top 10 from around the web:

  1. Sense of style. Does your style end at the entry to the kitchen? It doesn’t have to! There are simple ways to extend your style statements even if you don’t want to take up precious kitchen real estate with knick knacks or clutter. Colorful accents can make all the difference. My personal favorite way to show style in the kitchen is with beautiful window coverings. They are functional and practical, but also display your style personality in this utilitarian space.
  2. Walk-in pantry. It is great to be able have a place to store canned and dry goods along with seldom-used kitchen appliances. But what’s even better is being able to close the door on it so that your kitchen looks neat and tidy.  
  3. Hidden storage. There are so many ideas for this all over Pinterest right now. We’ve pinned a few on our Kitchen Dreams page. Take a look to see sponge storage in front of the sink, hidden paper towels, toe-kick drawers, easy-access but hidden appliances and more!
  4. Cabinet drawers. Raise your hand if you have no idea what is in the back recesses of one or more of your cabinets and quite frankly, you’re afraid to reach back there. Drawers instead of simple shelves in your cabinets is the answer to your problems.
  5. Large center island. Not only is this a great place for food prep, but it can provide lots of extra storage. It’s also the perfect place for friends to sit and keep you company while you do your thing. With an extended countertop and few stools, you’ve got a breakfast bar for informal meals like breakfast.
  6. Over-sink cutting board. It’s just what it sounds like – a cutting board that fits over one side of the sink for easy access to the garbage disposal. One of those simple, but brilliant ideas that makes kitchen duty so much less messy.
  7. Doubles. If you have a large family or perhaps just like to entertain, a double oven sure would come in handy. And while we’re dreaming, let’s throw in a second dishwasher for clean up and a second sink, too!
  8. Open concept. There was a time when the kitchen was hidden away. Mom slaved away and emerged with a lovely meal to serve her hungry family. How times have changed! Now kitchens are a beautiful part of the home. It’s much more fun to have the kitchen open to the rest of the home so whoever is cooking can be a part of family life.
  9. Just-right lighting. From pendant lights over the island prep space to big, beautiful windows allowing natural light, kitchen lighting is key. And just like every other part of the home, the right window treatments for those kitchen windows allow you to have full control over light, heat, and privacy in your kitchen.
  10. Customization. This is really a no-brainer. From custom cabinets to a custom island to a custom layout to custom window coverings – if you can make it happen, by all means, do.

What do you have in your kitchen that you just love and couldn’t live without? What are you dreaming of for your “some day” kitchen? Remember to take a look at our Kitchen Dreams Pinterest Board for inspiration, ideas and a little bit of wishful thinking!

Beautiful Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades in the kitchen.