ABC’s of Window Fashions of Texas: C is for Custom

C is for Custom made for your home.

What if we were all alike? Wouldn’t that be terribly boring and predictable?

Even if we start off in the same set of circumstances or households or neighborhoods, there is not even the remotest possibility that we’ll turn out exactly like someone else. That’s a good thing – variety is the spice of life.

This uniqueness trickles down into every aspect of our lives. It affects the clothes we wear, the way we style our hair, the car we drive and the decorations we select for our homes. So why would we settle for standard, cookie-cutter, same-as-the-guy-next-door’s window treatments?

At Window Fashions of Texas, you don’t have to. WFTX specializes in helping you find exactly the right window treatment to fit your needs and style.

Perhaps you need a special paint color on your shutters to match (or stand out) from the paint on the walls. WFTX can do that.

Or perhaps you want your wood shutters stained to give that warm, rich feel that only wood can induce. And you want it to coordinate perfectly with the wood flooring. WFTX can do that.

Or maybe you have a beautiful, grand arched window that is the statement piece of your home. But it is a large oval and you aren’t sure standard shutters will fit without sagging over time. If you have an odd-shaped or over-sized window, WFTX can create a pattern for that window so the treatments will fit just perfectly. WFTX can do that.

You are unique! You are different from every other person on the planet, so celebrate that uniqueness. Don’t settle for the same thing your neighbor has and don’t settle for something that doesn’t quite fit right.

Go to Window Fashions of Texas and let their professional design consultants help you create a custom look for your windows that truly showcases your individual design style and showcase the unique beauty of you and your home.