ABC’s of Window Fashions of Texas: A is for American Made

Real wood plantation shutters made RIGHT here in Texas.

Did you know that the custom wooden shutters you buy at Window Fashions of Texas are make right here in Texas from American hardwood? It’s true!

We believe in the importance of buying American-made products. That’s why we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our wooden shutters. 

There are many reasons to buy products made in the USA. For example, in many countries, the labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions as well as child labor. When you buy from WFT, you are supporting American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

The American economy grows stronger when we buy American. The US trade deficit leads to unsustainable borrowing from other countries. That means national debt. You know debt isn’t good for you and your family; well, it isn’t good for the nation, either.

And of course, buying American-made means jobs for US citizens so that we can continue to provide for our families.

In the case of Window Fashions of Texas, it also means shorter wait time for production and installation. Most other companies take 10 to 12 weeks to deliver. But at WFT, because we’re the manufacturer, we take less than half that time. Most of our orders are installed within four weeks of receipt of the order.

Not only does Window Fashions of Texas provide a beautiful, high quality product, but we also enable you to buy American and do something good for the place where you live, work and raise your family.

Real wood plantation shutters from Window Fashions of Texas