ABC’s of Window Fashions – O is for Outside Mount

Outside mounted window coverings are an option when the window opened in to shallow.

When selecting window treatments for your home, there are many options to choose from in many different categories. There’s style, color, texture, not to mention the feeling evoked by the treatment in a particular room. One of the less-considered, but equally important options is Outside Mount.

Outside mount means the window treatment is installed outside the window casing — on the above wall or side walls. Inside mount is more traditional, but there are lots of reasons one might choose outside mount instead.

Reasons for Choosing Outside Mount:

Woven wood shade outside mounted on an arched widow.Arched windows present a particular challenge. Laurie Clifton, one of our own Design Consultants, was faced with just such a dilemma in her own home. “I mentioned to my husband that shutters would be a great solution [for our arched window]; however, he wanted a shade that can be raised and lowered.” They agreed on woven wood shades, which are perfect for outside mount. “I opted to outside mount the woven wood shade and add a 12-inch valance to cover the top of the arch. The shade is beautiful and accomplishes exactly what we were looking for!”

One client, Mary, installed storm windows for soundproofing measures in her bedroom. “They fill up the entire window opening, leaving no room for inside mounting of any window coverings,” she said. Outside mount is the perfect solution in Mary’s case, as well. She can have the look of beautiful window treatments without sacrificing privacy and light blocking in her bedroom.

The Look of Outside Mount Window Treatments

Kathy Wallace, another Design Consultant, said that the best Hunter Douglas options for outside mount are something with a smaller head-rail. That would include Vignette Modern Roman Shades, Provenance Woven Woods, and Duette shades. “If we’re doing an outside mount on a window, it’s usually because they have really old windows or brand new windows and the window installer took up all the recess,” Kathy explained. Either way, the Design Consultants at AWF can help you choose the right look for your home.

Outside mount, when installed to completely cover the top and side casings, provides excellent light blocking. The window treatments cover the top edge and sides, which prevents light from leaching into the room above your curtains or blinds.

One might also use outside mount to create a more finished look. Inside mounted shades outline the window, leave space above the window, and project out from the casings. So when an inside mounted shade is paired with an outside mounted valance or mock (non-functional) Roman shade, a more formal, finished look is achieved.

In addition, when installing an outside mount, you can adjust the height to a higher position to make the window look longer and the ceiling look higher.

There are so many solutions to every window’s need. Consider outside mount for your next window treatment and you might just find a whole new look to love. Take a peak at our Outside Mount Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas. 

Honeycomb shades outside mounted on a shallow window opening.

Honeycomb shades outside mounted- they fold up so small when fully open- barely noticable.