Save HALF OFF One Of These Popular Shutter Upgrades*

Mirage™ Rear Tilt Shutters

The Mirage features twin side-mounted tilt-rods that overlay the side-stiles (the left and right inner frames) where the louver and stile converge. When closed, they block an average 99.99% of direct light, and when fully open they offer a view of up to 93%, which is significantly greater than competing designs. This solution is stronger and more reliable, and closes easily and securely into a snug position.

Horizon Tilt™

Our standard twin configuration, with tilt rods that nest into the stiles and completely block the gap between the louver and stile, offers total light blockage when closed, as well as an unobstructed view when opened. The single tilt rod option includes the nested design with a sleekness that is enhanced by a tilt rod that is trimmed to the louver spacing.

Sandbrushed™ Relieved Woodgrain Finish

The O'Hair Sandbrushed finish accentuates the grain by revealing the natural contours of the wood. Unlike the rough, abrasive sandblasted approach used by others, our sandbrush™ system uses rotating fabric brushes that create a smooth, gentle relief, resembling ripples of sand on a pristine tropical beach.

Panorama™ 5¼" Louvers

Our Panorama line offers a stunningly deep louver profile with an impressive oversized spacing of 5¼". The effect of rotation from fully closed to wide open is truly breathtaking.

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*with purchase of 5 or more shutters. See design consultant for details.